A centuries-old route

In an age when traffic planning is always focused on decreased distance and shorter travel time, travelling on Tidernas Väg will, by contrast, be a more relaxing experience.

So, leave the motorway and take Tidernas Väg.  Travel time will certainly be longer, but the enjoyment will definitely be greater. Plan your journey in comfortable stages with stopovers between. Of course, it is possible to drive the full distance in a day, but you’ll miss so much. There’s so much to see and enjoy along Tidernas Väg. Try it and see!

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Tidernas väg

The route of Tidernas Väg is now along the two national highways, Road 272 and Road 83. From its southern end in Uppsala, it goes northwards crossing the Dalälven river and the Storsjön lake and then follows the Ljusnan and Ljungan rivers to Ånge. Tidernas Väg runs through five provinces: Uppland, Gästrikland. Hälsingland and Medelpad. Avoid the intensity and stress of the traffic on the E4 motorway and turn inland onto Tidernas Väg instead. Your journey will be longer and the road will not be as wide and straight, but you’ll see more of the countryside and natural surroundings and driving will be more relaxing. Ahead you’ll have around 480 kilometres of enjoyable driving.

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